Hire fees

There has been little increase in our hire fees since 2015!  But we are always happy to discuss different possible funding options with you if cash is a big problem.

Please note: All use of our boat, Angel II of Islington, is subject to our standard terms and conditions.

Educational, community and charitable groups

The hire fees set out here are only for educational, community and charitable groups based within Islington and neighbouring areas. Contact us for hire fees for other groups. Sometimes we are able to provide further reductions where other financial support is available, or as part of a funded project.

Standard charge(£)

Educational, community and charitable groups

Evening   £175
Day   £200
Split day*   £225
Short weekend   £340
Long weekend   £380
5 days   £750

*Split day: Charge is for up to 24 people on any day. Additional charges are made for larger numbers.

Please note that the maximum number of passengers, including group leaders, permitted is 12 and in addition we provide a skipper on all trips.

For private hire groups, look here