We Need Your Help

Angel Community Canal Boat Trust (ACCT) is the charity which operates and manages the community canal boat ‘Angel II of Islington’ based at City Road lock, Islington, London for the benefit and use of local people, and particularly young people. Since 1976, our 12 berth community narrowboat has, each year, provided some 2000 young people and other disadvantaged and isolated local community groups with residential and day trips under the supervision of our experienced skipper.

We are funded by grants and donations, and by contributions made by users towards their trips.

The Angel Boat relies on raising money from these sources to keep operating and to be able to provide its services to local groups and individuals at prices they can afford. We receive support, grants and financial contributions from the London Borough of Islington, local and national charities, and from businesses and private individuals. You will find many of our supporting grant-making bodies on our supporters’ page.

You can support us by

Subscribing as a Friend of the Angel Boat

Your regular donation will give local young people the opportunity of a trip to remember and on which to learn new skills. Also as a Friend you can contribute to the development of our operations by offering ideas to improve or expand our service to the community or by helping us in doing so.

If you haven’t made a contribution before, please consider setting up a standing order. If you are already contributing, please consider whether you could help us further by increasing your contribution. And make your donation go further by completing a Gift Aid declaration so that we can recover tax already paid.

Introduce us to someone

You can help ‘Angel’ not only through your own subscription but also by helping us recruit new Friends, or by putting us in contact with any potential funding sources.


We are also always looking for volunteers to assist us in all kinds of different ways, from painting the boat to marketing the boat to developing our website. Your help is more important than ever in maintaining our operations and enabling many more users benefit from the waterways experience.